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Internet Technology and Covid-19 have changed the education landscape, providing a conducive environment to create online course.  Classes, which prior to the Covid-19 era were restricted to lectures, talks, and assignments, no longer have to be designed in that manner. Teachers and students now have a digital ecosystem – ranging from engaging devices to teach the students to online courses and online exams.

The online education trend is likely to continue until the end of the decade, which might change the existing landscape completely because of the need to cater to new set of audiences emerging from the online education boom such as students from small cities, students without awareness/exposure, and professionals that missed opportunities. With shortage of classroom teachers across globe, people that can create online course would have a massive advantage in this decade.

Statistics and facts

Digital learning is the term used to refer to all online educational practices. Earlier projections showed the e-learning market worldwide would surpass 46 billion U.S. dollars of sales in 2016. Now, according to a research report by Global Market Insights, the e-learning market size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026.

Post Covid-19, a significant share of faculty worldwide has implemented the digital education models. About 65 percent of faculty still supports the traditional open educational resources (OERs) in teaching, which is likely to be replaced with skill & competency-based education system, focusing on the 21st century skills.

Key Benefits Of Online Courses

The key benefit of creating an online course helps you to earn money apart from your daily routines. The five reasons why you should create your own online course is listed below:

  • Online education/coaching is the top online business in 2021. 
  • Online course gives you passive income, helping you to switch to hourly based payments. 
  • Great lead generator, with many referrals and repeat customers. 
  • An online course gives you credibility. 
  • An online course helps you build personal brand, get your message out there and touch people.
5 reasons to create online course
  1. Create online course – A new revenue stream to your business. 

The most evident benefit of creating an online course is that you can make money selling it. If you have a skill, a passion, an audience, or content that people want, then selling it as an online course is a great way to generate revenue.

  1. Creating an online course gives you passive income. 

Another benefit of creating an online course is that it lets you earn money no matter what you are doing.

  1.  Creating an Online Course to generate leads! 

Publishing articles or sponsoring updates with a little creativity on the site is an important strategy. Also, start building up a web presence to help you reach any potential clients who require details about the course.

  1. Creating an Online Course Gives You Credibility!

Review your website and add credentials, testimonials and additional information to enhance your business’ credibility and authority.

  1. Using an online course to help spread your message! 

Don’t get discouraged or distracted from the values and mission when you gain a certain level of publicity as you’re going to have haters. You’ll gain respect from those around you if you are true to your belief and create online course from your practical experiences.

Why Students Prefer Online Classes?

In today’s modern world, online Classes have become a big boon for the students or home makers to obtain a preferred degree while handling their daily routines which can balance their life and career schedules. Similarly, it has expanded the benefit for the working professionals in balancing their family and professional duties.

1.Increases flexibility of learning

The most appealing benefit of digital education for students is accessing class materials and submitting work on time is highly convenient. Instead of getting stuck in a stuffy classroom, online classes help you to interact in forums while watching television by creating more flexibility that works best for your needs.

2.Balances learning schedule

If you have an internet connectivity or data connection, then it can be easy for students to schedule the classes as per their preferred timings. For professionals leading a busy lifestyle, they can build their own pace in scheduling classes by not sitting too long for lectures.

3.Enhances technology innovations

Most of the degree programs provide 100% online opportunities, making it easier for modern students to achieve their goals in using the technology to improve their studies by rewinding the audio or video to read the transcripts that accompanies the lecture.

4.Saves money in reducing costs

The cost of online education is typically cheaper than traditional courses. Students can save money by using online materials for purpose of study rather than spending on books. Travel cost, hostel fee, lab fee etc can be avoided.

5.Increases self-discipline and responsibility

Online education helps the students to maintain the continuity of their daily schedule which helps them to keep a track for a successful outcome. They stay organised in completing the assignments on time which further increases their responsibility.

6.Obtains a degree from an accredited institution

Acquiring an online degree from an accredited institution has gained the same weightage or importance compared with that of traditional learning. It can help the students to pursue the under graduation or post-graduation to build their career.

7.Creates a diversified platform

Traditional classes have limited teachers and courses, whereas, it is not applicable for an online student. For instance, if he/she wants to take a German course from a teacher in Germany one needn’t travel anywhere. Education is simply met at the doorstep without even stepping out of the home say a long-distance travel.

8.Designs real- life career opportunities

Most of the students are not comfortable in public speaking. Around 74% of people overcome the speech anxiety as online education tends to foster active class participation. This helps them to use the email, manage software solutions, handle applications, maintain a time tracker to complete projects before a deadline adding more interests and opportunities to build their career.

9.Builds social interactions or connections 

You can build healthy relationships to discuss the lessons by facilitating conversations in organising a group video chat or hangout, via zoom or google meet and even do the icebreakers which helps everyone to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Interacting with others can build confidence and strengthen you to become an extrovert.

10.Creates a varied learning experience

Students can get an exposure to a worldwide perspective of the desired or preferred subject instead of being a limited edition to a local point of view. Experiencing the method of learning adds value to become potential employers in the future.

11.Overcomes verbal communication

Online students needn’t worry about the body language interfering with the messages they wish to deliver. They can write instead to express their ideas. Academics are focussed on ideas rather than physical judgements.

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